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A few months back I saw the cutest little ruffled apron made by Morgan Moore over on One More Moore. I loved everything about her apron. The colors and the sheer girliness of it. I could use fabric from my stash to make one, so even better.

Flash forward to the end of October and Quilt Market is in full swing in Houston. I'm following all the hoopla and I feel my will power start to crumble. So what do I do? Head to my local quilt shop, of course! (The truck just sort of ended up there.) And there went the diet (the fabric diet, not as bad for the waste line).


Seriously though, this fabric is SO appropriately named. “Scrumptious” by Bonnie and Camille. Scrumptious, indeed. It practically followed me out of the store and it was SO perfect for the apron.

So I found Morgans directions again. Super easy. I did make my ties a little longer to be sure I could tie a bow (ahem) 27.5″ instead of 24.5″- you can make them any length you want. Annnnnnd, I am not a sewer, I am a quilter, so I needed a bit of help with the ruffles. I always have to remind myself how to do them. Thankfully, Ashley led me right through the process, pictures and all. With that, in no time flat my girly ruffled apron was finished.


I LOVE IT! Oh. That red. And a girl can never have TOO many aprons!



1 Year Anniversary


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What’s the big deal with October? Halloween? Kate thinks so. We can’t miss a holiday in this house. The World Series? Well, no. Not here. Although, with the Cards and the Sox playing it’s like watching a replay of the civil war in some ways with my family.

No, one year ago this month we moved to our new house. Do you know how much STUFF accumulates when you live in one spot for over 12 years? A LOT! And we got rid of A LOT of stuff before we moved. So when we moved into our new house, it looked like this

New House

for a while.

But we’ve been sloooooowly adding too it. Dad and I like to discuss things. We’ve found some great deals along the way. And waiting for a deal takes time.

A year later this is what those rooms like now.


We’re getting there. And, of course, wherever we go, there’s a lab not far behind.

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Ok, the idea of printing on fabric is not a new concept for me, but sometimes I’m just a little slow on the uptake and I just didn’t transfer this concept. I kept it in a box. But I am in LOVE! Sometimes it just doesn’t take a lot to make me happy and this made me happy.

I found some great vintage graphics at The Graphics Fairy. More than I think I will ever use. I also used a quote from Hans Christian Anderson about music that I happen to love and if you’re old, you’ll recognize where I got the other one from.

Then I followed the tutorial that I found at Domestically Speaking for printing on burlap using freezer paper. It’s a great tutorial. I did have to watch my printer. She’s a little old and cranky. I found that I really needed to make sure the leading edge needed to be securely ironed or she (hmmm… He… It?) wanted to lift it up and deposit ink on that edge or smear ink as it began because of that. If I made sure it was ironed well it didn’t do that. I will also add even if it did get a little ink on it, that added a bit to the “aged” look of the printing.


Once I had them printed it was just a matter of making the pillows. Since they print 8.5″ x 11.5″ in order to go through your printer I made the “Happiness is…” pillow a little larger by adding a border of brown burlap. The others I actually left their actual size because I had made large 18″ square pillows out of the brown burlap. So they became the accent pillows.



It’s a great way to get a popular look with a personal twist. Oh, and how much to make 6 pillows complete with designing, stopping for lunch and letting the dogs out who knows how many times (that is my primary job dontcha know?) One day and about $15 ( have I mentioned I’m horrible at coupons? If I had remembered one it might have been cheaper). I will take that!

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Something I try to always keep in mind.

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I don’t know about you but sometimes I get stuck in a rut.  As I’ve tried to eat healthier, sandwiches and lunch seemed the most difficult.  I LIKE FOOD.  All sorts of food (and psst… I’m a carboholic).  I do like whole wheat bread actually but I don’t like light bread.  I wanted to reduce my carbs at lunch but I didn’t want to eat a salad everyday either.

One day I’m walking through the store and I see the flat bread section and I think, “Hmmm…. less carbs…” and they have different flavors.  So I grabbed a couple.

OH MY GOODNESS!!  I picked up the Rosemary & Olive Oil Fold It Flat Bread and I am SO hooked.  I haven’t had a bad sandwich on it yet.  My favorite is a little turkey, Cabot reduced fat Cheddar Cheese (LOVE this, too – I’ll have to tell you why I can’t survive without it another time), baby portabella  mushrooms, lettuce and avocado.  But everything tastes good.

So if you’re looking to get out of a rut and to just wake-up your lunch time routine try the Rosemary & Olive Oil Fold It Flat Bread.  You won’t be sorry.


(Just for information sake and to be clear, I really was just walking through the store.  Flat out didn’t send me anything to review and they have absolutely NO idea who I am or that I like their product.)